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Why Cedar Crossing?
A gaming and entertainment venue to reimagine and revitalize Cedar Rapids for years to come

Cedar Rapids Development Group along with Peninsula Pacific submitted an application for a casino license to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission on February 13, 2017.

Our application offers two different potential project sites in Cedar Rapids — Cedar Crossing on the River, which the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission considered in 2014, and Cedar Crossing Central, a new proposal. Both projects would provide a significant and sustainable revenue boost to local governments and high quality jobs to the Cedar Rapids metro area.

This project will be Cedar Rapids-focused. Our proposal would provide the best opportunity to maximize the investment of the city and private enterprise to advance and sustain the economic revitalization of Cedar Rapids.

Responsible gamers in Linn County should not have to drive an hour or more to enjoy a casino. Eastern Iowans could spend their leisure time and money locally at Cedar Crossing. In 2013, 61 percent of Linn County residents voted for a casino in the community. Residents want this amenity.

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